Wool Street, San Francisco


147Wool 07

Perspectival cut-away drawing


This small project posed a very clear problem: a potentially useful loft space existed atop a precarious ladder. Besides being awkward, the ladder was an imposing fixture in the living room.

147Wool 03

Ladder to the loft, prior to new work


A stair would bring an ease of accessibility to the loft, but posed another problem: space.

147Wool 06

View of person ascending stair, passing stored objects


After sketching through many different types of stairs, an alternating-tread stair emerged as the logical choice. It was comfortable and took up little space.

147Wool 05

Books, records, figurines


After sketching through a few locations, we settled on a coat closet located conveniently below the loft. The closet was narrow and deep which made it awkward for storage and perfect for the new stair.

147Wool 01

View down the stair- despite its steepness, it’s a comfortable climb


To compensate for the lost closet, the stair was designed as cabinetry and configured to hold a range of items from books, to shoes, to LPs, to knickknacks.

General Contractor: Alan Hyland

147Wool 02

Detail view

147Wool 04

Overall view